CoreSpring's authoring tool provides a straight-forward way to create engaging items that provide educators with content aligned to the Common Core State Standards and that challenge students to apply their knowledge and skills to respond to complex, real-world problems. The authoring tool supports a range of interaction types from simple multiple choice to more advanced interaction types, such as ordering, graphing, and plotting.

Test Drive the Authoring Tool

Easy to Use

Create items using a document-like editor. Include text, media, hyperlinks, and more. When finished, preview your work.

Varied Interaction Types

Select from a wide range of interaction types, from graphing and plotting to extended responses, to build engaging items.

Effortless Editing

Design items in real-time. Quickly incorporate feedback from peer and expert reviews, revising an item to improve it.

Robust Feedback

Include responses to the student for a correct answer, a partially correct answer, or an incorrect answer.

Supporting Materials

Add scoring guides, examples, and rubrics to assist educators when administering or reviewing the item.


Describe how the item fits into a number of categories, including the standard alignment, grade level, and copyright.

Test Drive the Authoring Tool

An item consists of three main parts: the question, the profile, and the supporting materials. Explore how to create an item using the CoreSpring authoring tool. Be sure to check the help files for answers to any questions you may have about how to create an item.

The authoring tool is optimized for desktop. We invite you to go to a larger screen to enjoy the full experience.

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Meet our Contributors

We'd like to thank our contributors. Their generous contributions have made possible the launch of this innovative, open-source platform to create computer-based assessment items. These items will be made available for free to educators across the country.